Which browsers does Ballroom Genie work on?

We normally expect the site to be compatible with the latest version of these browsers:

when they are available on these operating systems:

Which devices does Ballroom Genie work on?

We expect the site to work on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet that can run the software listed above.

Which browsers do you not support?

We do not expect our videos to play properly on older versions of Internet Explorer (8 or below) or Android Browser (2.2 or below).

We make no promises about software not mentioned above, but we do aim to follow relevant Web standards, so there is a fair chance that Ballroom Genie will also work with other modern browsers. You are welcome to try it on your own system using our demo page.

What Internet connection speed does Ballroom Genie need?

To play our videos, we recommend at least a 1Mbps Internet connection. Most home broadband connections or 3G mobile connections with good reception will easily provide this. However, a dial-up modem or an intermittent mobile link won’t work well.

My system should work but it doesn’t. What should I do?

If you have any problems using the service with devices or software we normally expect to work, please contact us so we can investigate.