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This is exactly what I would love to have had myself.

Hazel Newberry, Former World Professional Ballroom Champion

Videos of 150+ steps

To get views traditional cameras can’t, we show world-class dancing using motion capture and computer graphics.

Watch 10,000+ videos of figures in Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese Waltz.

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Ballroom Genius™

Get exclusive expert advice on many of the steps.

From fixing common mistakes to understanding advanced technique, you’ll find practical tips to help you dance better.

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Choreography ideas

Explore different precedes and follows to help plan routines.

Find related steps for variety and floorcraft, and upgrade your choreography as you improve.

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Meet our dancers

We work with world-class dancers to make sure that the movement in our animations is of the highest quality.

Jonathan Crossley and Lyn Marriner Alexander Zhiratkov and Irina Novozhilova

Our videos are based on dancing by two World Professional Finalist couples:

  • Jonathan Crossley and Lyn Marriner
  • Alexander Zhiratkov and Irina Novozhilova

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Ballroom Genie is for…


  • Watch a wide range of competitive figures, from rocket variations to rondé twist turns – all demonstrated by world class performers.
  • Top professionals give advice on some of the most challenging figures, from advanced technical points to stylistic choices.
  • Upgrade your routine with our choreography tools – related steps show alternative figures at new levels.

Unlike other teaching videos, on Ballroom Genie you can watch a top dancer perform a figure from 9 different angles and with his/her partner made semi-transparent. The insights you gain on partnering skills are incredible!

— MP, Ballroom Genie Customer

Social dancers

  • Review new steps after the class to get the timing right, and slow fast steps down to watch at ¼ speed.
  • Expert tips help you avoid common mistakes and become a better partner.
  • Use the choreography tools to increase your range of steps and enjoy your dancing more!

Ballroom Genie is easy to access, I even use it on my phone. I have not only improved my steps but also learnt the names of those steps.

— SF, Ballroom Genie Customer


  • Watch the technique you’re learning in action: study foot positions, heels and toes, and alignments – seen from 9 different directions. Check amounts of rotation using the top-down view.
  • Expert advice emphasizes key points and common mistakes for many popular figures.
  • Use suggested precedes, follows, and related figures to combine the steps you’ve learned into new groups. Related steps help you compare the same figure’s technique in different dances.

Ballroom Genie is the best web resource for anyone who is trying to improve their technique or studying for teaching qualifications.

— DB, Ballroom Genie Customer


  • Choreography tools offer routine-planning inspiration.
  • Special effects like semi-transparent partners and top-down views can illustrate points in lessons, helping to give your students new insights and understanding.
  • If you’re teaching alone, the videos can help demonstrate how both partners’ steps fit together.

A masterpiece in both concept and execution.

— CR, Ballroom Genie Customer

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